You might have tried to install RustUp with Fish and run into this error after running this script like me

curl — proto ‘=https’ — tlsv1.2 -sSf  | sh```

This is because you might not have a .bash_profile if you’re like me and use fish. Instead, you’ll need to press 2 to customize the installation option. When answer yes to all the defaults except the one to Modify PATH variables? (y/n)

You’ll wanna answer no for that one

thought 107

Hey friends,

It’s been a while. Like many of us, 2020’s been a busy year. I’ve felt the need to start writing again. Somehow writing makes me feel like I’m coming home. There’s something wonderful about the endless possibilities a blank slate of paper offers. Even more magical is its ability to draw readers to further push the boundaries of imagination through ideas and collaboration.

I’m excited to be continuing my journey writing on Medium but more so expanding my imagination. …

If you stumbled on this article and you’re looking for the best labeling tool for your data sets, I’ll spare you the read. After looking through dozens, I think is the best all-in-one solution and has the better UI and flexibility when it comes to exporting your data.

Still here?


Both A.J. and I don’t have AI backgrounds so didn’t initially know what problems we might run into when labeling images for our model. …

thought 107

A few years back I had the pleasure of taking a very special Uber to the 19th street bart station. I told the driver about my ambitions to someday own and island. He then relayed a story to me that I’ll never forget. It goes as follows.

There once was a very wealthy business man from New York that took a vacation to a beautiful island. While laying on the beach he noticed a fisherman unloading his days catch, which was more than above average.

Later that night the fisherman and his wife gathered around for dinner, drinks…

You most likely already know about CSS variables. If not, go ahead and DuckDuckGo it (seriously trying to make that a thing) and then come back.


So you know about this

:root {
--my-var: 42
.nice {

So how can you affectively use this in your project? Here is one way. Try setting a base unit value as a variable and then create variations based on that base value. I’ll show you what I mean.

So in your :root do something like this:

:root {
--spacing-unit: 10px;

Next, try to making some variations like this:

thought 106

Ok so lets say you’ve done your best. You’ve really tried. I mean, you tried like hell. You’ve put in the work, you put in the time; I mean, a LOT of time. Like 10 years and still after all of that life gives you a big middle finger. F**k You.

Yeah ok so you’re suppose to read some quote on a blog like

“the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again” — some smart ass at a dinner party quoting a dead dude that didn’t actually say it

So you change. Well…

Today I learned about intersection and union types in Typescript.

If you’re using Typescript, you probably know about union types | and intersection types &

I was doing a code review today and saw something interesting. I saw this (because this is a private repo I’ve change some of the variable names)

export type Example = {
otherPropId: 'start'
propId: string
mode: Mode
x: number
y: number
} & (
| {
shape: 'circle'
r: number
| {
shape: 'rect'
w: number
h: number

What’s going on here is the type Example has a basic type definition containing…

thought 105

I want to share a poem I wrote when I was a kid. I found it on an old message board I tried to start when I was 13 about book writing. It’s called Time.

Mountain breeze
Sun rays through the trees
Dust flys off of the rocks

Brown musty leaves
A trail the beetle weaves
More dust flys off of the rocks

Hot afternoon sun
Squirrels playfully run
Pebbles roll off of the rock

Cubs have fun until mothers fishing is done
More pebbles roll off the rock

Sun falls and dies
New lights rise
Rocks rumble off the rocks

Creatures that hunt with no eyes
Screech midnight cries
More rocks crumbles off the rocks

Eroding away
Night and day
Does dust fly off our rocks?
So take time to play
Before it crumbles away
Because time is like a rock

Stay tuned,


thought 104

We’re all going to die. You know it yet you somehow deny it. It’s just one of those life’s truths.

Also just as interesting is that you’re eating dead people. That’s right. Take a step back and think about it. Just as inevitable as it is that we’re all going to die, we also all eventually decay and become

“the thing that stars are made of” — said someone important

This is very interesting because that means we are all made of the same stuff we end up eating. We die, decay, and become the plants; the cows…

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